Connecting buyers and sellers of hire businesses


When it’s time to buy a hire business, it’s time to talk to The Hire Exchange

With around 4,000 independent hire businesses in the UK, you’d expect that acquiring a good business is relatively easy, but our experience and our research, suggests that this is not the case. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process for buyers as well as sellers.

The Hire Exchange has been set up by a team of highly experienced hire people who have bought and sold hire businesses over many years.  They understand the motivations of buyers as well as sellers and what each needs to explore and complete a transaction.

The truth is that while most hire owners are great operators and run very successful businesses, they are not so good at understanding what interested buyers need to support an acquisition.  They may not be knowledgeable or experienced in the processes involved in completing a business sale such as: realistic valuations, robust evidence and strategic fit considerations.

Whilst we act principally for the seller, we know that making it easy for buyers to identify acquisition targets and provide the information they need to assess the opportunity is crucial. Our aim is to help buyers identify businesses with a clear strategic fit, by helping sellers understand and prepare for the sale process.

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