Connecting buyers and sellers of hire businesses

What We Do

Connecting well-prepared sellers,
with well-informed buyers.

Buying and selling a business is a very important decision for both parties. The seller wants the best, or at least, a fair price, with a timely completion. A buyer requires the right information on which to make an informed decision on price, risk, strategic fit and growth prospects, all presented in a way that amounts to a compelling case.

The Hire Exchange acts only for the seller, with revenue derived principally from a modest success fee on completion. But we also serve buyers by helping them identify the most appropriate sellers via the web site, or via a free, tailor-made search process. 

Once negotiations are underway and moving towards due diligence, sellers are advised to appoint their own professional accountants and legal/tax advisors to manage the process and complete the transaction.

 There are two levels of engagement.  See The Process